Lakshmi Temple

This is the most magic place in the Lake. Built in an oval form on a rock. Surrounded by a  permaculture project with plants and trees growing. This is the perfect place to paint, write a book or become very creative. It is my Artist Studio that I am now renting for a while. Built with all the creativity you can imagine. It is a great place to go on a private and personal Retreat. From there you could receive massages, work on emotional healing and do Cacao and Sound Ceremonies.


Casa Ixim Kappé

This house is the first one to be sort of square. With great gardens, built in a hill and with views to the volcanoes. Great for a coupe. 

Casa Jocote

Built in a round form. A lot of creativity and love have gone into this magic house. Gardens are full of plants and herbs to cook or make natural and organic teas.  

Do you want to work on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges? This is what this Retreat spaces are for. You will work on the goals that you will set. You can read about the therapies we offer at

Arte means art, this can be the art of self-healing or if you want me to coordinate of painting classes, or just want to be creative learning to weave or any other creative gift! 

If you just want to rent magic places that all were built with lots of creativity and love this is your rental place. 

At the same time you are supporting Education and Culture in Tzununá. As proceeds go to support a Community Center in Tzununá that is a hub for education and culture.