What are this Personal Healing Retreats ?

Sometimes you feel that you want to treat yourself with massages, emotional healing, sounds and so on. You don´t want to go on a group Retreat. You just feel like going away from everyday life. 

Perhaps there are areas in your life that you want to improve: you want to write or pain or do some creative activity but there are some emotional challenges that don´t allow you to do so. 

So I am offering personalised Retreats. You book your Retreat, includes lodging you can decide if you want to stay in a private house or a Hotel room.  The package includes emotional healing therapies, therapeutic massages and Sound Ceremonies. 

This would be the personalised Retreat:

1. Assessement. Once you arrive you have a session with a therapist and we define the goals to work with. 

2. We plan on the terapies, therapeutic massages, and Sound Ceremonies you want

3. We can arrange for other clases Yoga or Qi Gong and Mayan Ceremonies

4. If you want to add personal cleanse with Temascal (Mayan Sauna) we can arrange and facilitate this in Lomas de Tzununá

5. We can include visits to other villages.